Intro: What is Addictive Strategy?

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The key idea of Addictive Strategy is to help people understand and use (in a positiv way), the power of Marketing. Is the art of Brand Strategy.

It is structured as a Clepsydra, and will immerse you in a story that has 3 key ingredients: the brand DNA; the customers; and how to bring both of them together.

Please find the Document: Intro: Addictive-Strategy.

If you have limited time, is the single one you should read.

The goals:

  • Understand your customers (Decision making & 5W’s: who, why, where, when, what)
  • Build your Brand Architecture (Brand Relationship Ladder)
  • Avoid gravitational traps of other brands succesful ideas and Differentiate (Propose a New Reality)
  • Build your Strategy to reach the intended positioning (Drivers of Growth)
  • Execute the Strategy: create a relationship with your customers through experience and communincation (Communication Big Idea, Customer Journey & Touchpoints, create a Brand World)

The process:


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